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Tomball Walk In Clinic ACC    Charges for Service

Every patient will receive ONE of the following charges

Office Visit $80.00
Minor Office Visit  -  Administration Fee
Test  /  Shot  /  Vaccination  /  TB Test
Treatment  /  Minor Exam
Sutures $180.00
School Physical $45.00
Pre-employment Physical $85.00
Routine Suture Removal  -  No Infection $50.00

Patients may also receive ONE or MORE of the following additional charges
depending upon their condition and the treatments received

Splint $25.00
Arm Sling $20.00
Ace Wrap $15.00
Knee Immobilizer $35.00
Crutches $40.00
In Clinic Lab Tests $8.00  to  $70.00
(Each Test)
Medication Injection $30.00
Incision and Drainage $90.00
Small Dressing Supply Charge $25.00
Equipment  /  Dressing Supply Charge $40.00
Nail Excision $90.00
Nebulizer Treatment $35.00
Tdap (tetanus) $72.00
TB Test $40.00
EKG $45.00

In order to provide the best possible prices to our patients,  we do not accept insurance.   We do however,  provide a receipt for you to submit to your insurance company so you can recover your expenses.   We do accept most major credit cards,  checks  and  cash.

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