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Privacy  Policy
Last Updated:  January 1, 2009

We Are Concerned About Your Privacy

Your privacy is very important to us.  We are committed to maintaining your confidence and trust and accordingly we maintain the following privacy policy.

To make our privacy policy easy to find, we make it available on all pages of our Website.

It is the policy of Menus of Texas that information provided to us by our customers, past or present, which includes personal information such as name, postal and/or e-mail addresses, telephone and facsmile (fax) numbers, is private and confidential.

Accordingly, such information is stored in a secure location, is accessible only by designated staff, and is used only for the purposes for which the information is provided.

Personal Information Collected on the Internet

Menus of Texas - SSL Technology Menus of Texas uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 128-bit encryption on Yahoo! secure servers for data security to protect personal information collected and transmitted over the internet. 

Such personal information may include your:  name,  postal address,  e-mail address, telephone number, facsmile (fax) number or Website comments.

SSL 128-bit encryption using Yahoo! secure servers:
  • establishes a secure connection between a Website and a Web browser,

  • is used on Menus of Texas Website pages where personal information is collected and transmitted over the internet,  and

  • is being used on Menus of Texas Website pages when you see a yellow lock symbol displayed on your Web browser.

Release of Information to Third Parties

Information provided to us by our customers, past or present, will not be released to third parties under any circumstances unless we obtain your prior written consent, or unless such release is necessary to protect our rights, or unless such release is required by law and/or is pertinent to judicial or governmental investigations or proceedings.

Computer Tracking of
Identifiable (Personal) Information

The main purpose for our Website is to provide information and offer services to our customers and Website visitors.

Our Web hosting provider (Yahoo Business Services) helps us accomplish this by hosting our Website and providing us with Website statistics (Non-personal Information).

These Website statistics do not contain personal information such as name, postal and/or email addresses, telephone and facsmile (fax) numbers.

The Website statistics that we receive, for example, provide us with the daily number of visitors to our Website or the number of times an individual Web page is accessed.

We use this information to help us organize and maintain our Website so that our customers and visitors can quickly and easily find the information and/or services they are looking for.

We do not use computer tracking of identifiable (personal) information.

In Summary

At Menus of Texas our goal regarding privacy is:
"Your privacy and your business will remain your privacy and your business."

Links to Other Websites

From time-to-time we may include on our Website for your convenience and reference, links to other Websites that we feel may offer or provide a service to you.

We are not liable or responsible for the content and/or privacy practices and/or policies of these Websites.

You should review the content and/or privacy practices and/or policies of each Website before using the Website.



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